overthinking vs impulsivity

When I was a teenager and young adult, I feel like I couldn’t stop making impulse decisions and made most of my choices based on my gut feelings alone.

Now that I’m an adult, I feel like I can’t make an impulse decision to save my life! 😅

My anxiety drives the bus 🚌 so much more than it did when I was young- instead of being chronically impulsive, now I’m a chronic overthinker!! 

I think it’s important in all realms of life to practice skills we need to work on, so today I’m going to try and “trust my gut” on something and just go with it- obviously I’m not talking about anything risky or dangerous- but maybe ordering a coffee I don’t usually get or taking a different way to get to work, just to challenge the ol’ thinker. 

Love this art from @bethdrawsthings

Love this art from @bethdrawsthings