nature medicine


Went for a hike this weekend in #ForestPark here in Portland. Trying to get out into the woods more since the weathers been cooler! 

Nature 🌼 has a hugely understated affect on our mental health. Studies show spending time outdoors can reduce levels of anxiety, increase our happiness and sense of connectedness, increase focus and attention, and helps us bounce back from stressful situations quicker.

Evidence shows that having more regular exposure to green spaces 🌿 decreases our chances for anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. Spending time outdoors had also been proven to decreases cortisol levels, reduces blood pressure, and can even reduce chronic pain. 

As a society, we have not yet accepted that nature can function as such a strong protective factor for both mental and physical health!

Has anyone experienced positive effects of nature on their body or mind? I want to hear your stories! 💚