who are we, anyways?


I wonder about this alllll the time. What version of myself am I to others? 

I know who I am to myself, I feel consistently myself day in and day out. But even that consistent sense of self morphs and changes based on environment, the situation, responsibilities, the people you’re with, etc... 

Sometimes I’m quiet, hyper vigilant, and anxious. 😨Sometimes I’m loud, rambunctious, and quick witted.😎 Sometimes I’m frustrated and quick to anger or sadness. Sometimes I’m truly present, listening and reflecting. 

I find myself wondering if I’m authentic enough, if I’m myself enough- in real life, at work, as a therapist, as a friend or partner, in my own counseling, and most of all on this page! 

Anyone share these fears, worries, or thoughts? ⬇️