overgeneralization and mind-reading


Two more cognitive distortions for today 🎉! 

-Overgeneralization- This is where we come to a big conclusion based on a single piece of evidence. Something bad may only happen once, but we expect it to happen over and over again. An example of this might be if someone were to go on a bad online date 💕- maybe they believe alllll online dating is bad and avoid ever using a dating app again.

-Mind reading- 🔮This one is common with people experiencing social anxiety and other fears too! This is where we feel like we know or can predict what others might be thinking, feeling, or why they’re behaving in a certain way with no evidence to suggest that this is true. I hear this all the time with statements like “my friends are avoiding me” or “everyone thinks I’m weird”. 

Are you guilty of any of these distortions? I know I am! Please share!

Awesome anxiety art by #annaborges