neglecting your self care...

🚨 WARNING therapist being real ahead..!


If I’m being completely honest, I’ve been off my game the last few weeks. I haven’t been doing nearly enough of the selfcare strategies that I know work- like exercise and my mindfulness practice. I’ve been focusing on work probably a little too much and haven’t been as present, which I know increases my anxiety.

Today I’m renewing a commitment to take care of myself and my mind with the same energy that I take care of others! It’s my duty to make myself and my mental health a priority- especially if i want to be a good therapist to my clients. 

Before I start my work day, I’m going to go for a run and use my Headspace app, which I’ve neglected for a few weeks. 😅

Anyone else want to join me on the renewed commitment to self care train? What will you do today to get back on track? ⬇️