September: Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month, so today I participated in the #WhyNotChallenge- this challenge was aimed to create a million unique reasons to live! 💕


Part of the reason I became a therapist was exposure to people in my life who came to me with thoughts or plans for suicide. As a young person, I didn’t know how to best navigate these conversations but I knew I wanted to help!

Over my studies, I learned many myths about suicide. Here are two I want to dispel today:

1. Talking about suicide can make someone more likely to end their life: Asking someone if they’re suicidal will NEVER give them an idea that they haven’t thought about already. Most suicidal people are truthful and relieved when questioned about their feelings and intentions. Doing so can be the first step in helping them to choose to live.

2. People who talk about suicide are only trying to get attention: WRONG! Over 70% who voice they have a plan to kill themselves either make an attempt or complete the act. If you know someone who has a plan to hurt or kill themselves, the best thing you can do is help refer them to a therapist or agency to get help now!

Want to participate? It’s super easy: make a list of your own 11 reasons why you want to live. Then post it with the hashtag #WhyNotChallenge. Your list just might save someone’s life! Thanks for this wonderful idea.

FEELING UNSAFE? The suicide hotline is always available. Call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the lifeline.