online wellness coaching

Since I am licensed as a professional counselor in the state of Oregon, I can only provide therapy to people who visit my practice in OR. Online Coaching is available for persons living ANYWHERE via phone or video chat.

Online Wellness Coaching sessions are appropriate for:
* Establishing self-care routines
* Support around minor life transitions
* Learning a mindful practice
* Psychoeducation
* Social skills training
* Career changes
* Support for measurable lifestyle changes
* Parenting training and support
* Making tangible plans to accomplish goals of any kind
It might be hard to see the differences, but Online Coaching is NOT therapy.

The main differences in my mind between “wellness coaching” services and “therapy” services:

1. Coaching does not follow a medical or therapeutic model. No mental health evaluation will be given, no medical record will be kept, and no diagnosis will be provided. 
2. High risk needs and concerns are not appropriate for coaching/consultation level of services. If a diagnosis or higher level of care is required, referrals will be made to outside providers to have this assessed and treated at an appropriate level of care.